Monday, 14 December 2009

Wooo I'm Going to Barbados

Yes here we are after having sailed across the mighty Atlantic Ocean set to arrive in Barbados tomorrow morning.
We have been busy socialising, testing cocktails and watching the tropical sunsets over the atlantic. Alongside this we have been running the mask making sessions on board which have proved very popular once again. It culminates tonight in the Masquerade Ball and I have to admit the creativity on board has been fantastic.
It's hard to think about Christmas!!

I would attemp to share a sunset with you but the ship's satelite is proving a little temperamental at times.

Wooo I'm going to Barbados

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FlutterButter !!

Where do they dream up the names for paper collections? This paper range comes from BoBunny and was part of my demo @ The Heart of Craft in Carlisle. What an amazing drive over I had early Saturday morning. It's going to sound 'mad' but I was in awe of the huge, vast skies we have up here. They were just amazing and inspiring.

This week I have had a different challenge - trying to make my DH a birthday card - everytime I collect the pieces together he appears - now I know that he is a magician but he can't be that good can he?? I'm hoping to do a 'man' version of that Paradise Retreat shrine everyone else got to play with !! Any excuse to get that glass bead gel, soft gel medium and develop the grey matter is fine with me

now who mentioned Christmas Cards......

Enjoy the day

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Good Old St Nick

AAAARRRRHHHHHH my son has just come in from school and told me how many days to Christmas ..... and after he picked me up off the floor, and told me the Christmas PANIC set in. No christmas cards made (SHOCK) no presents bought (HORROR) and loads of washing and packing to do for my Carribbean trip this week (GASP)and to top it off it's snowing. C'est la vie!!!

If anyone has bought the BoBunny Christmas papers from Graphicus then here is a christmas book made using the papers. The swirls are off a combo sheet which has the alphabet, swirls and boarders on. I've also got one or two things prepped for the Graphicus Open Weekend 4th and 5th December. it would be lovely to see you there.

The book isn't finished yet as I shall be putting a selection of this year's christmas mug shots in - always like a little something to do when the tinsel has been put away!!!


Monday, 16 November 2009

To Paradise and back via Birmingham

I can't believe the last time I posted I was knee deep in pumpkin - November has been a whirlwind month. The NEC hobby crafts show was busy - hello to all you lovely crafters I met while working on the Clarity stand. Barbara is back on screen this Sunday I believe.
Today there will be ladies all over the country recovering from the Graphicus Paradise Weekend Retreat... stitching, inking, stamping, talking, laughing, learning, painting, cutting, punching, and CRAFTING. You will notice there was no mention of sleeping. It was lovely to meet you all and a special thank you to my table of 'professionals' who were absolutly delightful to work with - here's to the next one.



Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Boo !!

This week is half term so the kids have been 'helping' cut things out with the cricut. This 'little' offering was made on the Create using Don Juan and Paper Dolls and dangles a mere 47". The papers are from BoBunny and cut fabulously on the cricut. What I didn't know was that my little darlings had used some flurescent paint so the ghosts glow in the dark. I won't tell you how I found that out but it involves a dark bathroom
You wait till halloween!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Clear as Clarity

Well here are a few samples that I made using a selection of Clarity Stamps, Big and Juicy ink pads - hydrangea, mountain meadow and waterfall and some silk coated artboard. The fusible fibres are so addictive to play with and have now become an essential piece of kit. I have joined a circle journal group and the first title to come my way is 'Colour My World.' I think these fusible fibres may have just made their way into the book.

Have Fun


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to Make An Entrance...

Well the saga contines. The laptop is back working but I'm still working on a photo file that continues to have us beat. However, we will overcome.

On Sunday the family went to Church. As we walked up the path we thought - funny no one else about. In we walked only to find out that the service had started at 10.30 so we had arrived 5 mins late. Nevermind in we went, trying not to be seen but being watched by what feels like hundreds of pairs of eyes. We joined in the end of the song and went to sit down. Suddenly there was an almighty crash, I thought that Noah had brought his boat back as my feet, handbag and kneeler were soaking wet. The huge flower arrangement and shelf had come crashing down and yes those hundreds of pairs of eyes were looking at us. My son was stood holding a wet droopy flower in his hand thinking what do I do with this and my daughter, aged 14 and thinking how uncool is this said "It's good to know we provide the comedy" followed by the man in front turning and saying - well you've made an entrance. We did help clear up!

On Monday my Uncle wasn't feeling too good and the Doctor came to do a home visit. As the doctor poked and prodded my Uncle's abdomen and chest he was asking "Does that hurt?" My Uncle groaned " I can't feel any pain cos you're standing on my toes" Well my Auntie had to leave as she was falling around the floor laughing and my Uncle now has a sore toe in addition to feeling under the weather.

Tuesday was a quiet day!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Not for the faint hearted - part 1!!

Isn't life full of complications - firstly the computer decided to take up smoking - a filthy habit. No really smoke billowing from the back....Well she has been given a patch and is now back on line thanks to the support of one of Mike's driving pupils. It has cost me all of my photo files which I have sitting beside me with no idea, as yet, how to upload them but I'm learning.
This week I have also learned a couple of street dance moves from my son - I was told it was Dance homework so in my endeavours to support him I braved the look from my daughter that said 'Mum, you're so embarrassing'and set to the challenge. I was told that Strictly Come Dancing wasn't ready for me yet!
In a bid to make a comeback I took her on at Wii tennis and yes there is a God I won! That win took me to the top of the leader board and there is only one place to go from there - down!!!
One of the features of the patched computer is that it will only sign on for 20 minutes and then needs a rest so it's roger, over and out and part 2 later for the photos


Monday, 31 August 2009

'Oh it's good to be young and daring'

What a Bank Holiday - possibly the best yet - Mike & I went to Scone Palace to see Runrig. I have seen the band play several times before but there is something amazing listening to them play in their home country.
We met some real characters from the Isle of Aaron and Skye who we shared early morning whisky drinking experiences with to the full... thank you Guys and lassies for the introduction to the Peat Bog Faeries, scottish pipes, bugles and daring living - see you next time.

Now back to the day job... the colours in the scottish hills were inspirational and yesterday I set to putting some things together for the Graphicus Open Days this coming weekend .... ssshhh I may put a couple of sneek peeks on here later in the week.

The cards I had hoped to post here have mysteriously disappeared but I will leave you with a real warm and fuzzy... this week we had a new addition to the wider family .... meet Phoebe.

Happy Stamping and thanks for stopping by


Monday, 17 August 2009

Meet the Clangers and some Christmas Clarity

A few bits from a recent Clarity Stamp Show - I used some lovely K & Co Christmas papers that were a purchase from Graphicus. The images were stamped with a selection of Memento Inks which if you haven't tried yet you may find have a compulsory purchase order on them (also available from Graphicus).

As an aside if anyone is planning a trip to Barnard Castle I would recommend a visit to The Bowes Museum. They have a fantastic exhibition of the history of children's tv complete with puppets, drawings and stage sets. My day was complete when I met The Clangers, the Soup Dragon and even a Magical Boat - you may well remember the one that sailed across the sky with the musical notes twirling. I went with a friend and our children told us to behave! Can you believe that. Other favorites who are there include Ivor The Engine, Muffin The Mule, Andy Pandy, Paddington Bear - we did hunt for Aunt Lucy but discovered she was away on holiday as the damp weather was getting to her a bit. There are more recent additions as well - go for a trip down memory lane. Since coming home I have emptied my stamp collection looking for a Paddington Bear stamp I purchased years ago - put it this way the hunt is still on.

For today's adventure we are off to be taught Archery!! It's fun being a Mum!

Enjoy your day

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I just love days like these!!

Anyone entering our home may think that they have entered a surreal world - over the past week of the summer holidays we have become entrenched in a feast of creativity - our son has a full size drum kit in his bedroom and his recent exam success and trip to a music festival has kinda gotten under his skin and every waking moment is spent beating out new rhythms - the boy is growing up, ear protectors hide ipod grooves!( his bedroom is towards the back of the house so our sanity is safe). The other sibling is to be found with her head in reading matter or drawing. Long live the simple drawing pencil and paper. She has produced some fantastic drawings. She did ask before setting about sketching in her bedroom wall - that's what I told her dad anyway. We have since had to engage in 'conversation' regarding painting on walls!! And because the kids have been so engaged I was able to complete the stampboard canvas I started as part of Glenda's Mixed Media Class back in April. The process of playing is totally addictive and I'm so glad I bought the Golden pots of stuff as I have another on the go - inspired by an anniversary trip to Alnwick where we visited Barter Books - a must for any muse

Happy Stamping

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Red Currant Glory ..To Decorate or Not To Decorate

Why oh why can't decorating a room be like cardmaking - I mean the principles are similar. You start with a blank canvas, select your colour theme, collect your stash and you find yourself lost in a creative buzz - oh I wish. I've spent three days sorting out a mess created by my soulmate, friend and husband when he took a deco rail off the wall and pulled half the wall with it!! Now I have a beautiful feature wall in Red Currant Glory and a garden with red currant glory painted grass as the dog seems to think the paint brush is a rabbit whomping exercise and a painter and decorator coming to finish the job!!

Anyway I haven't had anything to post for a while as everything I've been making has had to be kept under wraps. Here are a couple of Cricut cards, one I made for my Auntie's Whirlwind Wedding last week and the second was something I put together for a recent Cricut Class at Graphicus

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Messing About With Some New Designs

If you have a wander over to the Elusive Images Design Team Blog you will see that there have been some new additions to their stamp collection. The images and word themeplates will provide plenty of inspiration for the men in our lives and inspire you to play with all your crafty stash.
I'm putting together a collection using the stamps and Making Memories Slice for the Graphicus Open Days (3rd and 4th July) and have to say I'm having fun playing with this funtastic little machine while watching some fantastic tennis.

Looking forward to seeing you ladies at the Cricut Workshop on Saturday!

Happy Stamping

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Clarity Designs

Here are a few samples using stamps from the Clarity Stamp range. The images will work well for many occasions and are a collection you will not become easily bored with as they do have plenty of design scope possibilities. I also like the fact that it is a British Stamp manufacturer. Must be feeling a bit patriotic this morning!!

The first card was stamped in chalk inks and matted onto card. The text was stamped onto white card and the words cut up and mounted into foam pads for a different look.

The second card was created using paler colour stamped foilage in the background and bringing the same images to the foreground using a darker shade of ink. The focal trees were stamped onto a brayered background and grounded using the moon shadow stamp as a grassy shadow.

The third sample had the trees stamped onto white card using an archival ink. Allow this to dry and then spritz with harvest orange glimmer mist. I then sprinkled sea salt onto the card and set aside to dry. The text was stamped onto torn gold vellum, rolled and attached to card with brads.

Have a stamping good day !!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Green Shoots......!!!!

Isn't it amazing what a few drops of rain can do to your garden - this morning I sat by the open door listening and watching the rain splashing and dripping from the leaves when right in front of my eyes a dwarf green bean plant decided to unfurl it's tightly fastened green leaf. The water dropped on to it and it sat there in a glassy pool. I thought this moment has to be scrapped so I went to find the camera - the moment of nature talking to the rain was over as the dog virtually knocked me over in an attempt to chase a harassed looking neighbour's cat. In the rush the dog dislodged the water droplet and the moment was gone ! Funny how it was only then that I noticed how high the grass had grown overnight!!!

And to think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Green Fingers

With the Bank Holiday yesterday and the sun shining we thought we would try and bring some order to the flower beds and vegetable patch. The little seeds are doing really well in the nursery - apart from when the dog decides to help dig. We couldn't believe the size of the hole we found she had dug at the back of one of the beds!! So my challenge this week is to scrap a page with a the green fingered dog as the centre of attention.

The card was made using some cricut flowers and scrolls from Accent Essentials cartridge with some of those fine detailed birds from the new Graphicus stamp sets.

If you look carefully at the photograph you will see that the card is laid on top of one of the papers designed by my artistic friend Lesley I believe it is available as a free download so pop over and take a peek!

I'll leave you with a scene from a recent trip to Barbados

- it's a take on a version of a House Boat

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Raspberry Ripple

Sorry but it's not an ice-cream recipe but the name given to the demonstration by Bramwells. They have put together a selection of K & Co papers with a range of stamps from Inkadinkado. Here are a small selection of samples.

Enjoy your day