Friday, 8 July 2011

Time for Tea and Cake

I'm not going to beat myself up about the lack of posting but rather focus on the positive life experiences I've been working on...
Since I last signed in I've been to Bornemouth for a couple of days. I spent a lovely afternoon sitting by the sea in full sunshine, watching life go by.... followed by a cup of english tea and chat... I was actually attending a conference down there with DoCrafts............ we spent a great time meeting guests from the USA - Cousins jewellery. I also met the lovely jewellery designer Debbie Kershaw who has a lovely necklace and ring published in the latest Creativity magazine.
From there I went to Burnley to do a Ranger Demo at The Craft Range. We spent time playing with configuration boxes and printers trays. A great day was had by all - A special Thankyou goes to Debbie and Janet for the superb organisation on the day. I have to say getting to Burnley proved more difficult as I found myself diverted over Ilkley Moor.... now I can hear you all singing the song......
The classes at Darlington have continued to grow - so much that we now have a morning and an afternoon class. Booking is essential but we have created more space so if anyone wants to join in please contact The Art Shop in Darlington.
My DD and I have been attending a fused glass evening class. We have had so much fun learning together. My DD took great delight in seeing her mum struggle to cut the glass. We have enjoyed going back the following week to see what creations have come out of the kiln - I wont tell you how impressed I was with her designs!! Life is all about learning new skills.
The photo of my 'cake' is one I made for a Demonstrator Challenge. At present it is the only image that will upload.... will try later.

Enjoy and TFL