Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to Make An Entrance...

Well the saga contines. The laptop is back working but I'm still working on a photo file that continues to have us beat. However, we will overcome.

On Sunday the family went to Church. As we walked up the path we thought - funny no one else about. In we walked only to find out that the service had started at 10.30 so we had arrived 5 mins late. Nevermind in we went, trying not to be seen but being watched by what feels like hundreds of pairs of eyes. We joined in the end of the song and went to sit down. Suddenly there was an almighty crash, I thought that Noah had brought his boat back as my feet, handbag and kneeler were soaking wet. The huge flower arrangement and shelf had come crashing down and yes those hundreds of pairs of eyes were looking at us. My son was stood holding a wet droopy flower in his hand thinking what do I do with this and my daughter, aged 14 and thinking how uncool is this said "It's good to know we provide the comedy" followed by the man in front turning and saying - well you've made an entrance. We did help clear up!

On Monday my Uncle wasn't feeling too good and the Doctor came to do a home visit. As the doctor poked and prodded my Uncle's abdomen and chest he was asking "Does that hurt?" My Uncle groaned " I can't feel any pain cos you're standing on my toes" Well my Auntie had to leave as she was falling around the floor laughing and my Uncle now has a sore toe in addition to feeling under the weather.

Tuesday was a quiet day!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Not for the faint hearted - part 1!!

Isn't life full of complications - firstly the computer decided to take up smoking - a filthy habit. No really smoke billowing from the back....Well she has been given a patch and is now back on line thanks to the support of one of Mike's driving pupils. It has cost me all of my photo files which I have sitting beside me with no idea, as yet, how to upload them but I'm learning.
This week I have also learned a couple of street dance moves from my son - I was told it was Dance homework so in my endeavours to support him I braved the look from my daughter that said 'Mum, you're so embarrassing'and set to the challenge. I was told that Strictly Come Dancing wasn't ready for me yet!
In a bid to make a comeback I took her on at Wii tennis and yes there is a God I won! That win took me to the top of the leader board and there is only one place to go from there - down!!!
One of the features of the patched computer is that it will only sign on for 20 minutes and then needs a rest so it's roger, over and out and part 2 later for the photos