Friday, 18 September 2009

Not for the faint hearted - part 1!!

Isn't life full of complications - firstly the computer decided to take up smoking - a filthy habit. No really smoke billowing from the back....Well she has been given a patch and is now back on line thanks to the support of one of Mike's driving pupils. It has cost me all of my photo files which I have sitting beside me with no idea, as yet, how to upload them but I'm learning.
This week I have also learned a couple of street dance moves from my son - I was told it was Dance homework so in my endeavours to support him I braved the look from my daughter that said 'Mum, you're so embarrassing'and set to the challenge. I was told that Strictly Come Dancing wasn't ready for me yet!
In a bid to make a comeback I took her on at Wii tennis and yes there is a God I won! That win took me to the top of the leader board and there is only one place to go from there - down!!!
One of the features of the patched computer is that it will only sign on for 20 minutes and then needs a rest so it's roger, over and out and part 2 later for the photos


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