Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Masked Layout

Well I hope everyone is feeling better than the weather - we had a party yesterday evening as the dehumidifiers left the building. Now we are waiting for the builders to do their part and replace stone, plaster and floor!!!

Who would have thought that water can cause such madness and mayhem....... I have lived in my craft den so that I don't have to look at it all....

This sample was made from the new layout masks from SplodgeAway and the stamped sentiment is a favourite from Clarity Stamp.

While I was working away helping to tutor on the Clarity Workshops a couple of new cricut cartridges arrived with my name on so I shall be having a play later on..... I feel a floral canvas is in the making.

Happy Stamping

Annette x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Time To Play'

This week I posted a little tutorial on the SplodgeAway Blog on Dyluson Ghosting. As some of you know I just love playing with these inks and thought I'd show you how the other backgrounds for my journal have turned out.

Well a girl has to play with all the colours in the set to mix and match and find out what she likes etc etc !!!!

I've also had a mega Clarity Play Day - I decided to take every Clarity Stamp I had and only allow myself to use the ones I had never stamped with. You know the stamp you buy with good intentions but that thing called 'TIME' prevents you from using.
I'll leave those samples until after I come back from tutoring with Barbara at the Clarity Workshops next week.

Annette x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

End of an Era and a Lovely Thank You

On Saturday I received these lovely flowers from my friends at The Art Shop in Darlington. The flowers in true 'Art Shop' colours made a tear come to my eye as I have been doing DoCraft demos with them for what seems to have been an eternity ( well over 10 years!) and I have decided to move on to new things. They said the could not leave the event unmarked ! Thank you x

I do hope that you will go and support my friend Kath Menzies who will be doing a demo there beginning of Sept.

As an aside I will also just say that I will still be hosting my regular workshops and classes so hope to see you there x

Annette x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Dog Gone "Where's The Rat?"

After over two weeks Dishwasher Dog has been allowed to return home, now that the unexpected rodent visitors have left. My Mum and Dad have been brilliant looking after her - I think we need to go pressie shopping!!

However, in Cairn Terrorist fashion was she delighted to greet the family? No it was a case of "let me go and see what's down there" So the wall has been assessed, sniffed and given a thorough cairn going over and we can relax. Dishwasher Dog has given us the all clear - All Rodents have moved out.

Now.... where's that pidgeon?


Annette x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dishwasher Dog Moves to A New Home

Life has been very very quiet in the Lee Household as the Cairn Terrorist has gone on a summer vacation to my Mum and Dad's house while we try to catch the small mouse that is in fact the BIGGEST Rat I have ever seen. Apparently we all say that but I was blaming the dog for trashing my flowers when in fact a rodent decided our house would be a great pad for a summer holiday. The rat seems to be avoiding our trap and I can sense a new rap version of that song 'There's a rat in da kitchen what am I gonna do'

..... we'll keep you updated.....

Meanwhile, back at CardMaker's Ranch, I'll leave you with something that I made for the SplodgeAway Demo Day @ Suzicraft last week. It was a busy day and plenty of tea and coffee on tap. Thanks to Susan and Tom for inviting me and I look forward to seeing some of you for a class there towards the end of August

Now back to the Rat......


Annette x