Friday, 3 August 2012

Dishwasher Dog Moves to A New Home

Life has been very very quiet in the Lee Household as the Cairn Terrorist has gone on a summer vacation to my Mum and Dad's house while we try to catch the small mouse that is in fact the BIGGEST Rat I have ever seen. Apparently we all say that but I was blaming the dog for trashing my flowers when in fact a rodent decided our house would be a great pad for a summer holiday. The rat seems to be avoiding our trap and I can sense a new rap version of that song 'There's a rat in da kitchen what am I gonna do'

..... we'll keep you updated.....

Meanwhile, back at CardMaker's Ranch, I'll leave you with something that I made for the SplodgeAway Demo Day @ Suzicraft last week. It was a busy day and plenty of tea and coffee on tap. Thanks to Susan and Tom for inviting me and I look forward to seeing some of you for a class there towards the end of August

Now back to the Rat......


Annette x


Sue said...

Hope your having a fab time Annette and your not trying to catch up with a certain man on a kite???? LOL see you soon card is gorgeous xxx

karen said...

oh dear annette i cant think of anything worse, i would have to leave the house too untill it was caught, i hope you catch it soon.
Lovely card x