Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Mouse Hole and a Gorgeous Girl

Remember when I told you the dog had taken up residence under the hydrangea bush in the garden, and it was on pidgeon watch - well the pidgeon has decided to move next door and coo at the dog from a distance. However, since the biblical rains came a little mouse and her family have moved into the wall.

The dog is so obsessed in digging them out that we have had to board the wall up. My lovely hydrangea bush has had the roots exposed and the wall has cavities in need of serious reconstruction.... yesterday the Cairn terrorist found some new friends ... enter 'George and Mildred' two well fed, fat pidgeons living at mum and dad's house. The dog found the biggest window and the most comfy chair and spent a lazy Sunday afternoon snoozing with one eye open..... back on pidgeon watch!!!

We don't watch TV anymore!!

On a different tack ,I thought I'd post a photo of a card I did for this week's SplodgeAway Blog. I'm doing a free demo at Suzicraft this Saturday and you're welcome to pop along - no doubt Tom, Susan and Freda will have the kettle on.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the weather.

Annette x


Sams Home Cooked Designs said...

See some people put down a mouse trap and others build a false wall to protect them! I love this card, it reminds me that I really should practice my shading.

Sue said...

LOL Annette I love your blog so full of humour! hope everything is getting back to normal after the flood cant wait to see you on Saturday hugsssssssss and love this card xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Your blog is always amusing Annette lol hugsss love that card and see you on saturday xx