Monday, 31 August 2009

'Oh it's good to be young and daring'

What a Bank Holiday - possibly the best yet - Mike & I went to Scone Palace to see Runrig. I have seen the band play several times before but there is something amazing listening to them play in their home country.
We met some real characters from the Isle of Aaron and Skye who we shared early morning whisky drinking experiences with to the full... thank you Guys and lassies for the introduction to the Peat Bog Faeries, scottish pipes, bugles and daring living - see you next time.

Now back to the day job... the colours in the scottish hills were inspirational and yesterday I set to putting some things together for the Graphicus Open Days this coming weekend .... ssshhh I may put a couple of sneek peeks on here later in the week.

The cards I had hoped to post here have mysteriously disappeared but I will leave you with a real warm and fuzzy... this week we had a new addition to the wider family .... meet Phoebe.

Happy Stamping and thanks for stopping by


Monday, 17 August 2009

Meet the Clangers and some Christmas Clarity

A few bits from a recent Clarity Stamp Show - I used some lovely K & Co Christmas papers that were a purchase from Graphicus. The images were stamped with a selection of Memento Inks which if you haven't tried yet you may find have a compulsory purchase order on them (also available from Graphicus).

As an aside if anyone is planning a trip to Barnard Castle I would recommend a visit to The Bowes Museum. They have a fantastic exhibition of the history of children's tv complete with puppets, drawings and stage sets. My day was complete when I met The Clangers, the Soup Dragon and even a Magical Boat - you may well remember the one that sailed across the sky with the musical notes twirling. I went with a friend and our children told us to behave! Can you believe that. Other favorites who are there include Ivor The Engine, Muffin The Mule, Andy Pandy, Paddington Bear - we did hunt for Aunt Lucy but discovered she was away on holiday as the damp weather was getting to her a bit. There are more recent additions as well - go for a trip down memory lane. Since coming home I have emptied my stamp collection looking for a Paddington Bear stamp I purchased years ago - put it this way the hunt is still on.

For today's adventure we are off to be taught Archery!! It's fun being a Mum!

Enjoy your day

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I just love days like these!!

Anyone entering our home may think that they have entered a surreal world - over the past week of the summer holidays we have become entrenched in a feast of creativity - our son has a full size drum kit in his bedroom and his recent exam success and trip to a music festival has kinda gotten under his skin and every waking moment is spent beating out new rhythms - the boy is growing up, ear protectors hide ipod grooves!( his bedroom is towards the back of the house so our sanity is safe). The other sibling is to be found with her head in reading matter or drawing. Long live the simple drawing pencil and paper. She has produced some fantastic drawings. She did ask before setting about sketching in her bedroom wall - that's what I told her dad anyway. We have since had to engage in 'conversation' regarding painting on walls!! And because the kids have been so engaged I was able to complete the stampboard canvas I started as part of Glenda's Mixed Media Class back in April. The process of playing is totally addictive and I'm so glad I bought the Golden pots of stuff as I have another on the go - inspired by an anniversary trip to Alnwick where we visited Barter Books - a must for any muse

Happy Stamping