Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I just love days like these!!

Anyone entering our home may think that they have entered a surreal world - over the past week of the summer holidays we have become entrenched in a feast of creativity - our son has a full size drum kit in his bedroom and his recent exam success and trip to a music festival has kinda gotten under his skin and every waking moment is spent beating out new rhythms - the boy is growing up, ear protectors hide ipod grooves!( his bedroom is towards the back of the house so our sanity is safe). The other sibling is to be found with her head in reading matter or drawing. Long live the simple drawing pencil and paper. She has produced some fantastic drawings. She did ask before setting about sketching in her bedroom wall - that's what I told her dad anyway. We have since had to engage in 'conversation' regarding painting on walls!! And because the kids have been so engaged I was able to complete the stampboard canvas I started as part of Glenda's Mixed Media Class back in April. The process of playing is totally addictive and I'm so glad I bought the Golden pots of stuff as I have another on the go - inspired by an anniversary trip to Alnwick where we visited Barter Books - a must for any muse

Happy Stamping


jill.hippychick7 said...

Oh Annette, Barter Books! What a wonderful place. I just love the smell of the old books when you first go in. And then the total confusion of where to start and how long have I got before I 'have' to leave.

There is simply never enough time in there.



craftimamma said...

I love this canvas Annette. The colours are beautiful and I love the heart shaped clock. In fact I love it all!

Lesley Xx