Thursday, 16 July 2009

Red Currant Glory ..To Decorate or Not To Decorate

Why oh why can't decorating a room be like cardmaking - I mean the principles are similar. You start with a blank canvas, select your colour theme, collect your stash and you find yourself lost in a creative buzz - oh I wish. I've spent three days sorting out a mess created by my soulmate, friend and husband when he took a deco rail off the wall and pulled half the wall with it!! Now I have a beautiful feature wall in Red Currant Glory and a garden with red currant glory painted grass as the dog seems to think the paint brush is a rabbit whomping exercise and a painter and decorator coming to finish the job!!

Anyway I haven't had anything to post for a while as everything I've been making has had to be kept under wraps. Here are a couple of Cricut cards, one I made for my Auntie's Whirlwind Wedding last week and the second was something I put together for a recent Cricut Class at Graphicus

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Jo said...

Red Currant Glory? That sounds very brave. My hubby has just matchpotted the stairs. Almond White or Magnolia? Let's be honest, they look just the same.

Love those Cricut bleeding hearts!