Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Mouse Hole and a Gorgeous Girl

Remember when I told you the dog had taken up residence under the hydrangea bush in the garden, and it was on pidgeon watch - well the pidgeon has decided to move next door and coo at the dog from a distance. However, since the biblical rains came a little mouse and her family have moved into the wall.

The dog is so obsessed in digging them out that we have had to board the wall up. My lovely hydrangea bush has had the roots exposed and the wall has cavities in need of serious reconstruction.... yesterday the Cairn terrorist found some new friends ... enter 'George and Mildred' two well fed, fat pidgeons living at mum and dad's house. The dog found the biggest window and the most comfy chair and spent a lazy Sunday afternoon snoozing with one eye open..... back on pidgeon watch!!!

We don't watch TV anymore!!

On a different tack ,I thought I'd post a photo of a card I did for this week's SplodgeAway Blog. I'm doing a free demo at Suzicraft this Saturday and you're welcome to pop along - no doubt Tom, Susan and Freda will have the kettle on.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the weather.

Annette x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Moment of Tranquility and a Clarity Class

This is a moment of tranquility in a busy schedule. The Clarity Workshop is heading to Hampshire and then on 27th July we have a Clarity Stampers North East Workshop @ Sedgefield. I have invited my lovely friend Maria Simms to share the day with us again and there are a couple of spaces if anyone would like to come - just let me know via the comments box and I'll get in touch or you can email me at

We were in Doncaster last weekend - while we were indoors the sun came out. The show once again proved to be a popular venue. I just had to buy some of the new Clarity Stamps and saw some of the samples for an upcoming show. Gorgeous...... I also invested in some 'Gorgeous' Stamps. These are for my own R and R. However, I feel a trip to the Art Shop @ Darlington is on the cards as I 'need' some additional supplies of Polychromos pencils as I invested in some lovely kraft card from HobbyHouse.

Enjoy your crafting and TFL

Annette x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Creative Journey

These last few weeks have been challenging and exciting. What with rain, prom, shopping with my boy for his upcoming trip to Italy and the school summer hols nearly with us my crafting has taken a rough ride. Everything I've been working on has been for someone else. So I'm going to push on and think towards August. Hopefully we will be able to get the house back together - it looks awful with no wood floor and sounds so echo .... think I'll move a comfy chair into my craft den ....uuuummmmm that's an idea.......

Today's posting is something I put together for the SplodgeAway Blog. The mat and masks made it's premier last week on Create and Craft. Tom and Maria worked hard pulling everything together.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rain of Biblical Proportion and An Hallucinating Dog

...... an odd mix of title I hear you say, but this week on Thursday I got home from work to find a river meandering through the hallway and a card from the postman floating to tell me he'd called but I wasn't at home. Yes, we had bourne the brunt of some of the heaviest rain I had ever seen in my life. At the front of the house, the water reached to just below the window and everytime a car forced it's way through more water was forced into the house.

Believe it or not it was the evening of my daughter's prom - she was stuck in Hexham having had her hair done. Her dad did an amazing job and drove her through a river to get her home by 6.45 to don her dress, kagoul and approriate footwear and got her to the prom -a little late but she got there and she looked totally gorgous and had the time of her life. A BIG THANKYOU to all the teachers who made it there through that awful weather to give the students a night to remember.

The most surreal part of the evening came when we sat down to eat around 9.30 to find that Wimbledon was playing and Nadal was getting beat. If that wasn't enough of a distraction and we hadn't had enough tension for one evening we now found ourselves dealing with a dog which we discovered, has been living on and lying in cat nip for two weeks, who decided to track the ball and do the funniest things while trying to watch the tennis whilst lying on it's back !!!

By that time most of the water had drained away and we were left with a clean up job.....

Anyway ..... if your interested there is a Design Team Call on the SplodgeAway Blog - use the link at the side to get there.

Back later with more....


Annette x