Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Brief Encounter

Wow what a week - it started off with Prom Dress shopping which went well, a Spectrum Noir pen class @Suzicraft, followed by two days of Clarity Workshops @ Sedgefield and to end it all I get to spend the weekend watching the British Touring Cars @ Croft. We were at the qualifying yesterday - no r.a.i.n. stopped play, just a tad windy, well enough to give you wind burn to your face actually but who cares - the Olay will have to step up to the mark and prove it's value sitting on the shelf.

So all my crafting has been for others to see - however, I will let you in to a secret I have been prepping my class that I'm doing at Preston with my friend Maria Simms next weekend, and it's coming along nicely. All I will say is that it involves a bit of Tim of Holtz fame, a dosing of Cricut, and an elegant Crafty Individual finish. I thinj Maria still has a space if anyon is interested. See here I'll leave you with a little hommage to those baby birds who have sung their little hearts out these past few weeks whilst living in my garden and say thanks to them for keeping the bugs at bay in my apple tree.....


Annette x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

As some of you know I have had several opportunities to be a guest lecturer on Cruise Ships sailing to and from the Caribbean. This week with all the fowl weather, wind and rain I got chatting with my daughter and we spent some time talking and remembering our little trips out to Tortola and Antigua - we've decided we would rather like to live in Tortola but that's another story.

This little canvas reminded me of Tortola - I think it's the vibrant nature of the colour of the Dylusion ink. I just love the colour they produce.

That sense of unhurried time spent with DD is something in the business of life I now treasure.

See in all the reverie I quite forgot it was Father's Day - I get to have Sunday Lunch with my Dad and Mum - another unhurried moment in life!


Annette x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Clarity 4 Day Deal

Barbara sent me some lovely little stamps that got my muse going last week ..... here are a few of the creations I put together for the 4 day deal available on Create & Craft this week.

The small sets of stamps are so versatile and a delight to use for lots of different occasions.

I'll be back later on the week with more photos


Annette x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Mods On Mopeds

This week we have been enjoying TOTPs 2 (BBC 2 6.30ishpm)... the kids have been cringing at their parents singing and reliving those disco 'slow snog' dances that always came at the end of the evening. Prior to that the girls dancesd round their handbags and certainly the 'popular' discos I went to, the 'boys' danced in their wellies - the majority being farmers popping in for a drink and a laugh! I can't beieve I could remember the dance moves to Adam and The Ants - you remember Diana Doors and that fairy godmother act....

Well where are we going ... on Saturday I set off over to Carlisle for a demo and what slowed me down - a group on vintage mopeds. My week was complete :

So what else has been going on ... I got to spend some time with Cricut. Mt DH thinks I have another man as he overheard me talking to myself, talking to Cricut.... don't go there !!!

The dog has taken up residency under a hydrangea bush on 'pigeon watch'. We have birds nesting down the bottom of the garden so we've been putting out extra meal worms and other exotic items the birds seem to enjoy and two pigeons, Bessie and Bert have decided that they would like to come and join the party. The Cairn Terrorist is taking guard duties to excessive extremes ... it's keeping the dog busy.... the little birds can have their exotic nosh.... and the pigeons are welll exercised!

I'll leave you with a little something I created earlier today


Annette x