Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Brief Encounter

Wow what a week - it started off with Prom Dress shopping which went well, a Spectrum Noir pen class @Suzicraft, followed by two days of Clarity Workshops @ Sedgefield and to end it all I get to spend the weekend watching the British Touring Cars @ Croft. We were at the qualifying yesterday - no r.a.i.n. stopped play, just a tad windy, well enough to give you wind burn to your face actually but who cares - the Olay will have to step up to the mark and prove it's value sitting on the shelf.

So all my crafting has been for others to see - however, I will let you in to a secret I have been prepping my class that I'm doing at Preston with my friend Maria Simms next weekend, and it's coming along nicely. All I will say is that it involves a bit of Tim of Holtz fame, a dosing of Cricut, and an elegant Crafty Individual finish. I thinj Maria still has a space if anyon is interested. See here I'll leave you with a little hommage to those baby birds who have sung their little hearts out these past few weeks whilst living in my garden and say thanks to them for keeping the bugs at bay in my apple tree.....


Annette x

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Sue said...

Love that Annette glad the prom shopping went well lol hugs to Charlotte :)