Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FlutterButter !!

Where do they dream up the names for paper collections? This paper range comes from BoBunny and was part of my demo @ The Heart of Craft in Carlisle. What an amazing drive over I had early Saturday morning. It's going to sound 'mad' but I was in awe of the huge, vast skies we have up here. They were just amazing and inspiring.

This week I have had a different challenge - trying to make my DH a birthday card - everytime I collect the pieces together he appears - now I know that he is a magician but he can't be that good can he?? I'm hoping to do a 'man' version of that Paradise Retreat shrine everyone else got to play with !! Any excuse to get that glass bead gel, soft gel medium and develop the grey matter is fine with me

now who mentioned Christmas Cards......

Enjoy the day

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