Friday, 26 September 2008

When you just have to laugh

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions - I was so excited as I drove to the garage and pick up my new car , after having said my very fond farewells to Lola, a beautiful black luna Beetle which my DH bought me as a wedding anniversary present. The new car - yet to be christened - is a sexy salsa red Beetle. Go for a test drive, you'll be hooked.
Anyway, I was demonstrating at York and had packed the car with 'stuff' and arrived with loads of time to set up etc etc. I had just opened my bag, put my hand in when a large tube of glitter glue exploded in my hand. The glue shot up in the air, splattered the demo table and when I looked I realised that I was wearing most of a whole pot of glitter glue. The two blokes waiting outside for their wives to come out of the craft shop were too polite not to laugh. After I had spread it everywhere, whilst trying to clean up, one of the blokes came over and said, " Do you do that to attract all your customers? My wife has to spend all night with glitter to look like that!"
I'm just so pleased I didn't have to take the new car back to the garage to be cleaned or report any mishaps to DH!!!

Take Care

Beetle Juice


Lisa said...

Oh Annette I am still wiping the tears from eyes reading this... Its sounds just like the sort of thing that would happen to me!!!!!
When I was in Essex doing a demo on the 6th september the black dress I had on blew right up over my head exposing my rear end... Luckily I had my big granny pants on...I must write that as an article!!!

Paper Engineer said...

D'you know.... the things some people will do to get noticed!! This really made me smile, at least you would shine the rest of the day. Can't wait to see you and the sexy new car (bet there'l still be glitter somewhere)
Lots of hugs

craftimamma said...

Brilliant Annette, but glad for your sake the new car escaped decoration.


Flissy said...

Enoy your new Beelte - I have mine to bits - haven't had the hood down too much this year though.