Friday, 5 September 2008

It's Raining.... It's Pouring.....

......but inside Graphicus the sun is shining. Thank you to all the lovely people I met today. I just love watching people's faces as they walk out of the door, peering into their shopping bags, looking at all their lovely stash. I always spread my stash out on the floor and smell and stroke the papers - my dog thinks I'm mad and the kids know that I'm mad. Today I just could not resist some beautiful prima flowers, a delicious Maya Road hand bag and some ribbons. It's my daughter's birthday next week so I shall see what I can secretly create for her. I shall put some sample cuttlebug cards on here for those ladies that wanted photos next week.
By the way this is how I found Marmalade and Sparkle when I got home tonight. The vet has been quite rude about Sparkle when he has had to go for a check up. The truth is when we got him we thought he was a she.... say no more


InkyArtitude said...

Awww! what a fab photo, totally adorable.
I had a great time too at the Grapicus Open Days, always such fun and a great opportunity to 'PLAY' all day. Looking forward to the next event already. Thanks for the cuppa yesterday morning Annette, it was most welcome.

Lisa said...

Annette I know where you are coming from!! I love to look at my stash too and touch it, stroke it re-arrange it and so on.
The car is soooo cute!!