Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I've not forgotten....

I've not forgotten about you all but this week my time has been employed purchasing school uniform and if anyone has a daugher they will appreciate the difficulties in purchasing a pair of school trousers. Apparently the 'in thing' is to wear the afore mentioned item long, so long that they trail on the ground, then you spend all day walking on them so they take on a shabby chic look. By the end of your first day at school they look exactly like the ones your mother threw in the bin on the last day of school. The lesson I've learnt this week is to choose which battles you want to fight and I think this is one I have definitely waived a white flag at.

To compensate for the madness I have been working on some samples with some new stamps, but they are been kept under wraps until after their launch. I have also been playing with some different ideas using rubber stamps and a cuttlebug. Ideas are progressing and again I hope to be demonstrating this at the Graphicus open weekend, along with the new Cricut Create. Hope to see you all there.

I'm now bracing myself for a morning shoe shopping. The only rule is they have to be black..... Perhaps that could be my theme for a card today. Let's see what happens


Jo said...

I really sympathise with the trouser thing. Boys are no better. The rule there is, not only do you have to have them trailing on the ground, you have to show 3 inches of pants at the top!
At the last open day you convinced me I needed a Cuttlebug and I have just got one for my birthday. I'm curious to know what you are up to with it this time. Touch and go as to whether I'll make it to this open day. If not I'll be pestering you for pics on the blog and a tutorial. Keep up the good work.

Helen said...

I know what you mean as well. Took DD (12) to buy new trousers for high school and none of them supposedly fit until we went to New Look of course where she managed to make them look like fashion accessories! I think I've managed to get her to agree that the shocking pink belt is not uniform - we'll see tomorrow!