Sunday, 19 October 2008

David Attenborough here I come...

We have all watched in awe as David Attenborough and his crew film fantastic footage of birds, insects and animals about their business when everyone else is asleep.
As some of you know we have a mad cairn terrorist, who regularly enjoys such antics as trampolining, cat stalking and greeting the postman every morning.
In the early hours of Saturday morning, 2.15am actually, the dog woke us up barking like mad - a very rare occurance as she likes her beauty sleep as well - Mike went downstairs and opened the door. The dog ran out before Mike could catch her and she disappeared down the road at 100 miles an hour. Someone had very kindly opened our gates and pulled the composter over. The fuming husband came back upstairs and got dressed in his running gear. I thought it's a bit early for a run, but no I was told that the dog had gone walkabout. Up, dressed and torch in hands we set out on a dog hunt. I went hunting up the dog field and Mike went on his bike down the river and along the railway lines. Believe me it's spooky at 2.30am, hedgehogs snuffle, owls hoot, mice, voles, rats they're all out there. Using mobile phones as radio mikes I got a message to say that he had site of her - 4 miles away near an old prisoner war camp but the dog was still running. However, his torch battery had gone flat - he was returning to get another torch.
To cut a long morning's entertainment short we found the dog, whimpering 6 miles away, the cows had got her cornered and the chase was over. Like all normal people we returned home, walking the dog, hand in hand at 5.30 am had coffee and went to bed.

You couldn't write a story like this if you tried!


craftimamma said...

Oh Boy! Annette. You do see life at your house don't you?


Annette Lee said...

Yes life in our house has alwys been like this!!!