Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blog Prompt Day 6

Well, after a busy Docrafts Demo Day and an amazing car journey listening to the Script's Science and Faith album for the first time, the mojo was flowing today. For those following the Creativity Blog Prompts we were 'prompted' to allow our craft be inspired by music, I have to say the album takes you on an amazing and emotional journey. The music thing certainly prompts the mojo and today I've prepped all my remaining classes through till June. I never like to fully prep as I feel it removes the flow of creativity on workshop days. Today we were asked to share a favourite photograph so I thought I'd share this with you - as many of you know we have a cairn terrorist who we share our house with. "Loyal but with her own agenda" is a phrase that comes to mind. She does like to guard her territory with aplomb and will give any unwanted visitor - be it pidgeon, jackdaw or rabbit a piece of her mind. When life gets too much she can be found lounging on furniture, which is so not allowed.
Since she is very much part of the family we scrapped her photo and did some hidden journalling. This is what we came up with.
TFL Annette

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