Thursday, 3 February 2011

You wouldn't Adam and Eve it.....

if I was to say that I've been trying to access this blog for weeks would you believe it - no me neither but I've been locked out, the laptop has been shouted at and the ability to upload a photo - well just don't go there.
Anyway we'll press on and see how far we get......
Happy New Year
Did you have a good Christmas??????
January was a busy month for me with some sample work, demonstrations and workshops and then I spent a very happy birthday at The Black Sheep Brewery in Masham - a lovely day out if your in the area.

I'm now going to try and post a few things I've been playing with this month

well it let me upload one - I will not be beaten

I'll be back


craftimamma said...

Hi Annette, nice to see you, lol!

Love the card, that's a lovely tree image.

See you again soon ............. I hope!@@!

Lesley Xx

Jill said...

Well Hello Annette!!!

Happy New Year to you too!

Love the card. The tree is so pretty. Is that a metallic pen you've outlined the rectangle and the card with?



ikki said...

Well I would Adam and Eve it - these machines can be real .... stupid at times! Nice to see you about, hope you are well and that we will be seeing more! Great card, love the colours and the image. ikki