Tuesday, 2 February 2010

No pictures....But...

Once again there is nothing to 'show' and it may have been a bit quiet but honestly I have been busy - those ladies who came to the cricut workshop at Graphicus will have seen some of the more recent projects - I appear to have an addiction to all things in a frame. I found some gorgeous pine 16 x 16 frames and have been challenged into using them to create some wall art.
Another new addiction is vinyl - I now have some lovely owls watching over us from the kitchen window in assorted sizes.
I have to say that I actually do very little crafting for myself so this year I have commissioned myself to making some 'arty stuff' for me.
My newest addition is a melt pot - a birthday present from my DH at the weekend - so far only one burnt finger!! the dog barked as I was concentrating and made me jump!!
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for last week Annette - hope you get hours of fun from your melt pot, minus the burnt fingers of course.