Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Butterflies and a Glimmer Misted Wall

It was only a few weeks ago when my friend Siggy and I had a christmas crafting marathon - well I can finally show you her beautiful aqua pencilled butterflies.

At the moment I'm waiting for some glimmer mists to dry. You would be forgiven to think they were drying on glimmer chips or card but I've spritzed them on a wall that's waiting to be painted in the dining room. I had to wait until the kids went to bed before they were exposed to their mother cooing and oooohing at a wall - yet another Shirley Valentine moment!! The brain has now engaged in embossed and velvet flocked wallpapers and which combination of delectable colours to go for. The plan needs further exploration !!

Will keep you updated.... Happy Glimping ( Glimmer misting and Stamping! )

1 comment:

Lisa Olson said...

Oh Wow Annette this is just jaw droppingly stunning I love it. Hoppe your not to tired after the show.
Keeping everything crossed for you.